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“A seaside village located in the state of Colima, situated right on the Pacific Ocean, about a 30 minute drive southeast of Manzanillo. Home of Ola Verde, the "Green Wave" - great for surfing and boogie boarding but beware of the riptides. A quaint little town with cobblestones streets (pop: 400 – 800 residents) which only comes to life during Easter, Christmas, Fiesta of the Virgin Guadalupe, Spring break, Carnival. As it’s off the beaten path, it has more of a Mexican flavour than the tourist areas. The main street is only a few blocks long with beaches which seem to stretch on forever. The beach is a fine, black sand, for the volcano in the city of Colima.”

“Cuyutlán es una playa visitada por familias de ciudades cercanas. Al llegar, uno puede alquilar una sombrilla y sillas en la playa. También se pueden pedir comida; los cocteles de camarón y pulpo, con pepino, tomate y cebolla picados muy finamente, son deliciosos. Se puede pasar la noche en algunos hoteles sencillos a la orilla del mar.

El mar es muy peligroso por el oleaje alto, que permite surfear en algunas épocas del año, y las corrientes submarinas. Pero siempre hay salvavidas. En Semana Santa el lugar está abarrotado. Mucha gente, incluso, acampa sobre la playa. Si no disfruta de las aglomeraciones, evite esa época del año.”

“ Stopped in Cuyutlan on our way to "El Tortugario" - the turtle reservation. Cuyutlan is a nice, old, charming village with seaside resort tradition. I've seen hotels built in 1932, looking clean and crisp and inviting. The beach is endless and clean. The prices listed in one of the hotels weren't scary and I think I would like to go there to spend a couple of weeks, for a change. I guess it's a great place to be if you don't crave the noise of the newer & bigger resorts - but again, I have no idea how the rooms looked like and if everything was alright, though I am inclined to believe they were fine. And the trip to the reservation was great, that place was amazing - not only for the turtles and iguanas and the crocodiles, but also for the multitude of birds and trees and fish and for the scenery. And the kids in our group were absolutely thrilled by the baby-turtles that were shown to them - they were born only a couple of hours before! “

“ What a perfect place to walk on their incredible beaches! Beautiful black beaches that seem to go forever. The water was perfect, the sand warm and easy to walk on and the people incredibly helpful and friendly.”

“Cuyutlan is a tourist town and Salt production from the lagoon, are the traditional business here. In 1932, a big wave sweept the town away and left death and tragedy, that make that the survivers move to Armeria, the next town 13 kilometers away and new people come to live to the town from Colima and Jalisco. New people, new Hotels. In 1994 a new atraction was borning, with the needs of protecting the sea turtle. The Tourtle Sanctuary/ecological preserve, that give the town a new atraction . Is good to mention also the small Salt Museum, or Museo de la Sal that is located in downtown.

“Cuyutlan is a place to slow down and linger for a time, to allow the tropical heat to suffuse the body, to wait for the sunset to dazzle the most jaded, to mingle with a friendly and down to earth populace, comfortable with the esoteric need to escape of their generations of visitors.”

“What else does Cuyutlan have to offer a new resident?Total andcomplete peace and quiet (except for a few roosters determined to strut their stuff and crow at street lamps). The constant sound of the surf lulling you to sleep; the sea breezes enhancing your afternoon siesta.
Whales and dolphins frolicking near the shore.  
Sea turtles coming up to lay their eggs in the fine, black sand.
Colorful birds and amazing wetland creatures
Quaint cobblestone streets, and old dogs who sleep in them.
Hammocks in seaside restaurants; perhaps you'll have one on your back porch.
Children, playing naked in the surf.
Incredible sunsets, and a chance every day to see the "green flash."
Old folks sitting on their porches, reminiscing about "the good ol' days."
Beaches that stretch on forever
A tranquil, affordable, crime-free village to live or retire.”